Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Fiber Fiend's New Discovery

As a second generation crewel stitcher, I have always taken my mother's lead in all that I do. She was after all my instructor and mentor. So, I have always used Appleton Crewel for my thread. Always. I have boxes and boxes of almost every color, in small skeins and large hanks.

While doing my research into Elizabethan Crewel for my next piece, however, I found a new wool thread that I am very excited about (new to me, I'm sure others are well aware of it and would say "well, duh, you didn't know about THAT?") It is Renaissance Dyeing in France, specializing in 100% merino lambs-wool hand dyed using historically accurate recipes. They have a line called "Elizabethan Range: 16th Century Recipes" The instructions for my project state that color selection should be "historically appropriate to the period" (or something like that) so of course I had to order it!

My package arrived the other day. Here they are!

Now, I realize that a package containing 25 or so skeins of wool of various colors is probably not very exciting to most people, but I am thrilled. The colors are so warm and soft and perfectly complimenting each other. The fiber is soft and delicate. I have a feeling it will take me some time to get used to it as it's much more refined than Appleton, but I'm looking forward to that challenge. I feel like I'm striking off on a journey of independence.

Is anyone else fascinated with fiber? I love going to yarn shops just to see and feel all the different fibers available. Am I weird, or are there others out there who share my fascination with the ancient art of spinning something useful out of the natural coats of animals?

I sure hope I'm not just weird!


  1. You are definitely not alone. If I see a thread, I want to try it. So my stash keeps growing.


  2. I just bought a skein of alpaca wool that was soft and beautiful (from my neighbor's little shop) and I (of course) have NO intended use for it yet. It's an addiction.

  3. And I don't know why I'm "unknown"'s Max Despain.

  4. Joanne, "stash" is a great word! Makes me feel a bit like a chipmunk :-)

  5. Hi Max! It's really hard to turn away from Alpaca in any form (even on the hoof!) Addiction is correct. Just to feel it, and look at it is enough.