Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Leaves

I have been so busy trying to spend every minute I have stitching that I have fallen behind in my blog posting, and I am sorry about that. I promise to be better! Today's update will be petty short, but I hope interesting. It's about little leaves.

There are two sets of small leaves at the top of my Elizabethan design. I decided to stitch them in Satin Stitch, and have been experimenting a bit with that. I read a lot about people who use split stitch to outline their shape and then do Satin stitch over top. The split stitch helps to keep the edge straight and sharp. I have never done that, but have straight and sharp edges anyway. I decided to try it this time, and I did like the results! I don't have a photo of the split stitch, but here are the little leaves in Satin waiting for their vein.

I will say that the split stitch helped me not have concentrate quite so hard on the edge.

To give the leaves a bit more dimension, I added a vein of outline stitch. The colors are more washed out in this photo, but you get the idea. What do you think??

I'll take more photos and post soon! Does anyone have anything they want to see? Any questions that will help me frame my posts? Thanks!!

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